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Relief Resource

The John Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health and The Lancet launched the first issue of The Humanitarian Health Digest yesterday. The quarterly bibliography will list recent publications and peer-reviewed articles around humanitarian health work in 3 primary categories: conflict and forced migration, natural disasters, and technological disasters. It also includes research across a spectrum of disciplines such as health systems management and environmental engineering.” – From Global Health NOW, JHSPH (May 10, 2018)

“The UN predicts more than 128 million people will need humanitarian assistance,” says Center director Paul Spiegel. “Giving humanitarian health workers a resource for the latest learnings in their area of specialization could greatly benefit the people they are trying to help.” – The Humanitarian Health Digest

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Photo above: A snapshot of Pacific Angel Nepal: partnering for health (US Air Force/Master Sgt. Jeffrey Allen).

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I have an M.S. in Global Health with 16 years, multidisciplinary, international, health experience in a variety of contexts within the U.S., Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, England, Germany, Nepal and Zambia. Some of this experience includes: administration, global health communications, surgery, emergency services (EMS, Fire, SAR, ER), pediatrics/ICU, medical education & training, MNCH, family health, WASH and ECD. These positions have been with public and private sectors to include the American Red Cross, Department of Defense and World Vision International. In September 2018, I became a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist in Sex-trafficking and exploitation. There are less than 30 people certified globally. In November 2018, I will begin volunteering as a Medical Liaison with Destiny Rescue in Cambodia quarterly. I am also pursuing local and national opportunities addressing anti-human trafficking/sex trafficking.

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